Installation Guide

Update Dependecies

sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install screen
sudo apt install -y ufw
sudo ufw default allow outgoing
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw allow 8545
sudo ufw enable


curl -L | bash

Check Version

roller version

💈 Roller version v0.1.19-beta

💈 Build time: 2023-11-01T16:52:05+0000"

💈 Git commit: 8528112002535a81c1465b48012da93abb809b22

Inisasi roller

roller config init --interactive

Select your network: Froopyland

Choose your rollapp execution environment: EVM rollapp

Enter your RollApp ID: isi nama bebas menurut kalian

Specify your RollApp denom: (ini symbol token kalian contoh DYM)

How many STN tokens do you wish to mint for Genesis?: 1000000000

Choose your data layer: Celestia/Avail tekan y enter

isi 3 address sesuai output dengan faucet

Pergi ke channel #froopyland-faucet dan ke #celestia-faucet

$request dym.....
$request celestia......

Check Balance

$balance dym.....
$balance celestia......

Register Roller

roller tx register

outputnya seperti ini

💈 Rollapp '' has been successfully registered on the hub.

Running Roller

Running screen dulu

screen -S roller
roller run

Roller active makan waktu sekitar 1 jam +, CTRL a+d untuk save screen

dan untuk membuka dan kembali ke screen

screen -Rd roller

Check relayer status

roller relayer status

💈 Relayer Channels: src, channel-0 <-> channel-1, dst

Transfer IBC

ganti channel-0 sesuai dengan channel kalian dan uDenom ganti dengan uDenom kalian. contoh di bawah

rollapp_evm tx ibc-transfer transfer transfer channel-0 dym1g8sf7w4cz5gtupa6y62h3q6a4gjv37pgefnpt5 1000000000000000000000000uMWN --from rollapp_sequencer --keyring-backend test --home ~/.roller/rollapp --broadcast-mode block

contoh kalau ibc transfer success

Load the rollapp services

roller services load

the output will be like this

💈 Services 'sequencer', 'da-light-client' and 'relayer' been loaded successfully. To start them, use 'sudo systemctl start '.

Enable rollapp services

sudo systemctl enable da-light-client
sudo systemctl enable sequencer
sudo systemctl enable relayer

Start rollapp services

sudo systemctl start da-light-client
sudo systemctl start sequencer
sudo systemctl start relayer

Check services status

sudo systemctl status da-light-client
sudo systemctl status sequencer
sudo systemctl status relayer

In case of any failed services, please try to run the relevant services separately

Export Keys to Metamask

Check semua keys

roller keys list

🔑 Addresses:

my_celes_key | celestia1a47w47wbtewrtbstdt4wb64e7yneyreue5iku90a

hub_sequencer | dym17pnrp3xl45xqsru5sj7tdwruwrjwrjtejtedj2phdt2y

rollapp_sequencer | ethm1ly4rt742262634n64e6nydrtsr6n46346n3s90

relayer-hub-key | dym1zc2373srjhwrj343yb3t3gertenryneryqdhteq5

relayer-rollapp-key | ethm1366n347n46wetwge5tn46e46metyue5yu2

Export Keys

roller keys export rollapp_sequencer

Lanjut buka metamask kalian

Network Name : Rollapp id kalian

New RPC Url : https:ipvpskalian:8545

Chain Id : angka yang di tengah rollapp id kalian

Symbol : Denom Token Kalian

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